Greetings Comrades and fellow Service Officers:


My name is Al Fitchett I am the new ADSO for Thailand and will be working with Larry Williams as well the District 5 Service Officer.   It is a recent appointment and I look forward to working with each of you in the future.  I have 7 years of experience with Udorn Thani Post 10249 as Post Service Officer.

At present time I'm in the States and have been working VA claims for the past 5 months pending my return to Thailand when International Travel allows it.



Should you need my assistance you can send me your VA forms (please scan to 200 PDF format)  Put your name and SSN at the top of each page and I will upload the file and send you an email that it was accomplished! I encourage everyone to get an E-Benefits account so you can track your VA claim.


Any questions I can be contacted at the following:




Cell Thailand: 0828382014
MJ: 850-665-5356