Greetings Comrades and fellow Service Officers.   My name is Chris Bischoff and I am the new ADSO for Thailand as well as the District 5 Service Officer.   It is a new appointment and I look forward to working with each of you in the future.   Being new to this position I am still learning what is required and what my role will ultimately be in the future.   I have been scheduled for training as part of the position, but not until January 2020.   

Please bear with me as I am still getting my feet on the ground here in Thailand, Chiang Mai in particular and want to do all I can to assist.  That being said, you are all welcome to email me any questions you may have or if you have a situation that needs to be addressed please let me know.  

In the future as time and funds permit, I would like to visit each post here in Thailand and meet with each of you personally.    I will be at the C of A in December so if you're there please introduce yourself.   

Just a short background on me, I am a Vietnam Veteran, 68-69 and 100% service connected for several injuries.  Before coming to Thailand, I lived in Orlando, Florida and worked with the DAV.  So, I understand your issues in dealing with the VA and at this distance it makes it even harder at times, but we have support and individuals who are here to assist.   I refer to assist as we do not insist, except that the guidelines and rules are followed in filing a claim.  

Again, I look forward to meeting with all of you and assisting when and where possible.  Just be patient and we will get it done.  


F. Chris Bischoff

ADSO Thailand

Post 12074 Chiang Mai, Thailand