2020-21 All-American requirements, for overseas VFW Posts, to receive full credit via donation to the following VFW Programs are as follows:

Voice of Democracy and Patriots Pen donations must be received by end of the day October 31.

Voice of Democracy $75.00

 Patriots Pen $75.00

Veterans & Military Support Programs donations must be received by end of the day June 30.

 Veterans & Military Support Programs $100.00

Please don't forget the Children's Home Donation of $50 and please indicate the Post sending the donation on the electronic form.

Voice of Democracy: $75.00

 Patriot's Pen: $75.00

 Teacher Award Elementary: $75.00

Teacher Award Middle School: $75.00

 Teacher Award High School: $75.00

 Veterans & Military Support Programs: $100.00


Click on the following link for the new Programs Donation form,

   VFW Donation Programs                                    Children's Home