Past and Present Schedules of District Meetings and DPA Events (2021-2022)
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Jan 15-16 2021 (Korat Post) (canceled)             Jan 16 2021 Dist V Meet (Ban Chang Post)
May 1, 2021 (Ban Chang Online)                     Nov 19-20 2021 Dist V Meet (Pattaya Post)
May 20-21 2022  Pup Tent 6 & Dist. V meeting (Chiang Mai) See Flyer
August 19-20 2022 Pup Tent 6 & Dist V meeting (JUSMAGTHAI BKK) See Flyer
November 18-19 2022 Pup Tent 6 & Dist V meeting (Korat Hotel) Pending Flyer
             Also just as a reminder there are:  Three (3) new Required Submission Reports (CSR Qtrly; CDR Qtrly; Post Svc Officer) for District V Post to Utilize! Go to Resources - Links/Forms to download them!!!